*** Attention: Nonprofit Directors, Auction Volunteers, Schools, Auctioneers, Meeting Planners and Fund-Raising Personnel Worried about Making Enough Money at Your Charity Auction ***

Get ready to have…

Your Best Auction EVER: High-Energy, High-Profit Auction that
breaks records and rivets your audience's attention start to finish.

  Discover How You CAN Attract High-Quality Donors and Influential Guests Eager to Contribute to Your Cause…Create a Must-Have Lineup of Items…And Never Leave Money In the Room Again

From the Desk of Kathy Kingston, CAI, BAS

Dear Development Professionals, Auction Committee members, Fundraising Consultants, Board Members, Auctioneers, and Anyone Else Working on A Benefit Auction,

You’ve worked so hard on planning a profitable, fun, engaging – and classy – fundraising auction. You hope it will raise tons of money for a cause that’s dear to your heart. IT'S A TOUGH JOB.  You hope it will raise tons of money for a cause that's dear to your heart.

red paddleYOU'RE TRYING TO NAIL DOWN several sponsors, selected what you believe are must-have items and developed a guest list of big bidders.

But you're UNDERSTANDABLY TERRIFIED that the right supports won't show up. Of if they do, they'll spend the whole time talking - not bidding on your great auction items.

THIS ISN'T JUST A PARTY - it's the financial foundation of your organization.

Your benefit auction brain is racing - filled with questions -
not sure where to turn for answers.

Benefit Auction Brain

  • Wondering just how many silent and live auction items are just right?

  • Confused how to add an inspiring - and effective - Fund and Item Appeal.

  • Is your volunteer auction committee burned out?

  • Frustrated about exactly how to effectively ask for money, auction items, sponsorships?
  • Do you wonder how to engage your Board, sponsors and major donors?

  • What if EVERYONE gets too into the party aspect and your charity auction turns into a barn burner (but not the money-making kind? ) 

  • Worse, are you worried that - in the past, you've left significant money in the room...and you don't want to make that MISTAKE again?

BENEFIT AUCTIONS ARE BOOMING...if you have the know-how.

EncyclopediaYou just need someone with a proven track record - who knows what's working now - to share those secrets with you.

That's where I come in.

I've TAKEN MY PROFESSIONAL LIFE'S WORK - more than 25 years of experience as a professional benefit auctioneer and consultant.

AND POURED IT INTO AN Eighteen-Hour...


...designed to give you all the info you need to make your next auction - and every auction after that - a huge success!

Before I tell you more details about my exciting No-Brainer Benefit Auction Audio Encyclopedia, let's discuss YOUR TOP CONCERNS, according to a survey I recently conducted:

CONCERN #1 – Attracting The Right Guests

Obsessed about Audience Development? It’s no wonder! Even when you know who’s coming, how can you be sure they’ll actually bid? Learn cutting-edge techniques to ensure you attract new donors and power bidders.

In VOLUME 1 of The No-Brainer Benefit Auction Audio Encyclopedia, you’ll learn

  • The #1 ingredient to attract and motivate the right people to your auction
  • 4 fresh ways to identify and INVITE generous NEW benfit auction guests
  • The 5 must know techniques that inspire donors to greater generosity
  • Three ways to put your human resources to work: teach your board and committee to engage more power bidders

CONCERN #2 - Engaging Boards and Committees

Creating a successful auction requires help from many people – so how do you keep them all happy and motivated? Learn potent ways to focus and motivate nonprofit leaders and volunteers.

In VOLUME 2 of The No-Brainer Benefit Auction Audio Encyclopedia, you’ll learn exactly how to energize boards, auction committees and volunteers.

  • The 3 top Board engagement techniques that ensure you get the right kind of help, from the RIGHT PEOPLE
  • Learn to build leadership for the future – for fundraising auctions and long term giving
  • How to avoid 4 common mistakes in organizing, motivating and training auction committees

CONCERN #3 -  FUN revenue activities

Are you suffering from auction FATIGUE?  The cure is to INFUSE YOUR AUCTION with fresh fun, and, innovation

In VOLUME 3 of The No-Brainer Benefit Auction Audio Encyclopedia, you’ll discover:

  • The 3 Key Things You Must Do to ELECTRIFY your auction
  • 9 Fresh Auction Games that RAIN MONEY
  • How to Keep your Benefit Auction Fresh, Fun & profitable YEAR AFTER YEAR!

CONCERN #4 -  Get the Auction Items that Sell Best

The key to getting bid cards waving and money practically flying out of wallets is having items your guests really want. Learn imperative strategies for PROFITABLE PROCUREMENT.

In VOLUME 4 of The No-Brainer Benefit Auction Audio Encyclopedia, you’ll discover: What’s HOT and what’s NOT – a list of the best selling auction items now

  • The 5 Innovative Strategies to Get Auction Items THEY’LL LUST OVER
  • Advanced Strategies to Procure PREMIUM Auction Items
  • How to determine the OPTIMUM NUMBER of charity auction items
  • How to consistently sell ABOVE item value

CONCERN #5 - Think Your Event is Simply a Silent & Live Auction? Think again! 

Strategic Design of Successful Benefit Auctions!

No matter how many successful events you’ve created, it’s natural to be worried about whether your next one will raise the funds you need. Learn exactly what you can do – IN YOUR EVENT DESIGN - to take the risk out of all your fundraising auctions.

In The No-Brainer Benefit Auction Audio Encyclopedia VOLUME 5, you’ll learn:

  • Is your silent auction DORMANT? Two hours of jam-packed meaty advice about ‘the auction silent killer’ yup – the Silent Auction
  • SILENT Auction Secrets to Produce LOUD Results
  • What you must do to ELIMINATE the RISK of a LIVE AUCTION disaster

The old ways of running benefit auctions just aren’t working any more. Audiences – and best practices – HAVE CHANGED. They expect more – and those charities that ‘get it” are EXPERIENCING RECORD-BREAKING AUCTIONS!

Don’t you deserve – and doesn’t your charity deserve – to have the most comprehensive Benefit Auction knowledge? Wouldn’t it be EXCITING to work with your committee – and your board - knowing your PLANS ARE BACKED BY EXPERT ADVICE?


The No-Brainer Benefit Auction Audio Encyclopedia will
set you up with profitable cutting-edge benefit auction best-practices.

Concern #6 - I Know We Didn’t Do Fund-a-Need Right – and our auction results SUFFERED!

Help, Kathy – what did we do wrong?

Quite honestly, in my 25-year-career as a professional benefit auctioneer and consultant, I have never seen ANYTHING that can do MORE for a benefit auction than FUND-A-NEED. Because I care so much about YOUR CHARITY, and because I know FUND-A-NEED is a BIG PART OF THE FUTURE of successful charity auctions, I’m including it in VOLUME 6 of my The No-Brainer Benefit Auction Audio Encyclopedia.

This is truly what I’m calling an EPIC-TREND in cutting-edge auctioneering. I’m not kidding when I say it can DOUBLE your auction revenue, and spill over into ongoing and legacy fundraising. Fund-a-Need can ECLIPSE all other revenue from items!


In The No-Brainer Benefit Auction Audio Encyclopedia VOLUME 6, you’ll discover FUND-A-NEED DONE RIGHT!

  • How to engage supporters, shine a laser beam on your mission,n and raise more money than ever with a Fund-a-Need Special Appeal.

  • Inspire greater generosity with Kathy’s KILLER APP “59 second” first person testimonial method

  • Laser-focus your mission statement so it MOTIVATES auction attendees to OPEN THEIR HEARTS AND WALLETS!

CONCERN #7 - How Do I Get Donors and Guests to Truly Understand Where Their Money Will Go?

When people aren’t CRYSTAL-CLEAR on exactly how their money will be used, benefit auction revenues suffer.

In The No-Brainer Benefit Auction Audio Encyclopedia VOLUME 7, you’ll learn:

  • How to make donors FEEL LIKE A HERO and connect to your cause CLOSER THAN EVER

  • How exactly to MARKET your MAGNIFICENT MISSION to inspire record-breaking giving

  • How to hone – and communicate – your mission, so giving is a NO-BRAINER

I don’t want you to be at all skeptical or worried that you won’t get your money’s worth. So let me tell you a little bit more about myself and why you should listen to me…

Kathy Kingston
Make your next Auction a
'No Brainer'
I’m Kathy Kingston, author of the book “Record-Breaking Fundraising Auctions Tips. For over 25 years I’ve specialized in raising money at fundraising auctions as an auctioneer, consultant, strategist, auction choreographer, motivator,  and professional asker.

I actually train other benefit auctioneers, most recently at The National Auctioneer's Association Benefit Auctioneer Summit in late September.  My topic was, "Stories Not Stats, Turn 2 Minutes in a Goldmine," where I discussed the latest neuroscience on giving, and how to use stories to ignite generosity. 

You might have seen me in Auction Network's one-hour benefit auctions documentary.  I've won numerous awards, including TWO PRESTIGIOUS AWARDS: 2012 Chuck Cumberlin Memorial Sportsmanship Award at the International Auctioneering Championship and the 2006 "Rose Award," both from the National Auctioneers Association. 

Plus, I hold the Certified Auctioneer Institute designation, which as been achieved by only 3 percent of auctioneers nationwide.

Dollars in HandsMost importantly TO YOUR (because the proof is in the results), I’ve raised millions of dollars at fundraising auctions all over the country as a professional benefit auctioneer.

Now I want to show you how to have your best charity auction ever!

 The No-Brainer Benefit Auction Audio Encyclopedia

is JAM-PACKED With EVERYTHING YOU NEED to know to raise SERIOUS MONEY for your charity or cause at your next benefit auction event!

  But don't just take my word for it...

Check out what these recent seminar participants have to say:
Darron Meares  
Joan Parker  
Lynn Kish  
Sydney Voghel Ochs  
Ariel Wortzman  
Liz Warner  

As you can see, my seminar attendees raise serious donations by following my advice. But before you make a decision to purchase, The No-Brainer Auction Audio Encyclopedia, I want you to be absolutely sure this program is for you.

So here's what you get…

7 volumes, with a total approximate running time of 18 hours! Listen to at Your Own Pace. Select the learning Volumes that address YOUR TOP AUCTION CHALLENGES. Audiobook technology makes these lessons totally portable – listen at your computer, in your car, or anywhere with your portable music player!

The No-Brainer Benefit Auction Audio Encyclopedia


  1. Attract & Motivate the Right People at Your Auction: #1 Ingredient
  2. The 4 Must-Know Ways to Inspire Donors to Throw Money


  1. Energize Boards, Auction Committees and Volunteers
  2. How to Leverage the #1 Action that Makes or Breaks a Charity Auction?


  1. The 9 Fresh Revenue Activities that Rain Money
  2. Keep Your Benefit Auction Fresh, Fun & Profitable


  1. The 5 Innovative Strategies to Get Auction Items to Lust After
  2. How to Procure Auction Items that Sell Best
  3. The 3 Advanced Strategies to Procure Premium Auction Items


  1. How to Tune Up Silent Auctions to Produce Loud Results
  2. The 3 Key Things You Must Do to Prevent a Boring Live Auction
  3. How to Win the Race of Money vs. The Clock to Avoid Fundraising Failure
  4. Create No-Risk Profitable Live Auction and Silent Auctions


  1. Double Your Auction Income: Add an Inspirational Fund A Need
  2. Optimize Your “Ask-Ability” - How to Ask for Money and 53 More Things!


  1. How to Recession-Proof Your Fundraising Auction
  2. Rev Up Benefit Auction Marketing: Laser-Focus Your Mission Message

Listen at your own pace!

AND, with the The No-Brainer Benefit Auction Audio Encyclopedia, you’ll receive this...

SPECIAL BONUS: ($149 Value!)


Order this audio encyclopedia during it’s rollout introductory offer, and receive the BENEFIT AUCTION QUICK-START TOOL KIT ( A $149 BONUS!) Includes:

  1. Kathy’s e-booklets: Record Breaking Fundraising Auctions: Volume 1 & 2

  2. Special Report: Triumph Over the Toughest Charity Auction Challenges

  3. 12 BIG Questions You Should Ask BEFORE every Fundraising Auction Event

  4. Benefit Auction Rules and Terms & Conditions

  5. Benefit Auction Committee Job Descriptions

  6. Volunteer Job Descriptions for Auction Day

  7. Benefit Auction Master Planning Checklist

  8. Absentee and Phone Bidding Instructions for Benefit Auctions

  9. Sample Silent Auction Form

  10. Sample Live Auction Form

  11. Sound and Lighting Requirements for Benefit Auctions

  12. Sample Benefit Auction Income Forecast Spreadsheet

  13. How to Select an Auctioneer for a Benefit Auction Checklist

I’m packing as much quality content into this program as possible. Frankly, you can use just one of the audio volumes - jam-packed with power tips - to increas benefit auction profits by MANY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

SUPER BONUS for the First 20 Signups: ($200 Value!)


  1. Pre-call questionnaire. Customized Fundraising Auction Evaluation during the call
  2. Include up to twelve members. Complimentary audio-recording
  3. Unlimited email support for 30 days from Kathy

After seeing all the valuable information you learn in this program, you’re probably wondering how much this is going to cost you.

Because my mission is to help you learn the latest, most cutting-edge techniques for raising money throughRed Paddle charity auctions, I’m not going to go on at length about this investment. And I’m not going to compare it to the cost of a daily coffee or dinner out because I know you can see the value.

So I’m simply going to lay it out for you:

... It's a No-Brainer!

Only $397

PLUS, you’re covered by my Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee. I’m positive you’re going to LOVE what you learn. But if you’re not satisfied within the first month - FOR ANY REASON -  within 30 days of your order fullfilment, I will refund your investment in full. 

You have nothing to lose.


Still not sure whether “The No-Brainer Benefit Auction Audio Encyclopedia” is for you?

If you and I were sitting face to face, you’d be able to ask me as many questions as you wanted. Since we’re not, here are a few of the questions I hear most frequently, and their answers.

Q: An benefit auction is a benefit auction, right? So how can I be sure what you teach me is new?
A: Great question! Of course, an benefit auction is an benefit auction. But BEST PRACTICES have changed. What I teach you is based in my 25 years experience AND in the latest research.  YOu can rest assured that I give you a combination of time-tested techniques and cutting-edge strategies for a RECORD-BREAKING FUNDRAISING AUCTION.

Q: Is it even possible to create a fun auction that also makes money?
A: Yes! Auctions should be fun. That being said, they should also make money. That’s why I teach you how to do both. An auction doesn’t have to be dry or boring.

Q: How can I justify this expense right now when my nonprofit organization is struggling? Wouldn’t my money be better spent? 
A: Struggling organizations are exactly who need this information MOST, and they are the precise reason I offer a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. I don't want ANY organization to be afraid they'll regret this purchase.

WHY RISK YOUR BENEFIT AUCTION SUCCESS OVER $197? With so much riding on the success of your fundraising auction, why wouldn't you want MY PROFESSIONAL LIFE'S WORK - more than 25 years of experience - BY YOUR SIDE - ready to answer any questions you or your committee have.  As one client said, "It's like having Kathy Kingston sitting at the corner of my desk!"

Scroll down and read the testimonials about how Kathy has taught others to transform their charity auctions for break-through results.  THE MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE protects you and your organization - simply return the program within 30 days if you don't feel it's a GREAT investment.

If you DON'T feel like the investment is worthwhile, you get your money back! All of it ! So you've got nothing to lose.

So NOW are you ready?


Red PaddleYes, Kathy! Send it to me

I understand that for $397 I get:

  • The 7 Volume The No-Brainer Benefit Auction Audio Encyclopedia
    • Volume 1: Attracting the Right Guests
    • Volume 2: Engaging Boards & Committees
    • Volume 3: Creating the FUN Revenue Activities
    • Volume 4: Choosing the BEST Auction Items to Sell
    • Volume 5: Strategically designing a SUCCESSFUL Benefit Auction
    • Volume 6: Fund-A-Need Done Right
    • Volume 7: Communicating a Crystal Clear Message

AND when you purchase right now you'll also get this amazing Bonus valued at $149.00

SPECIAL BONUS: The Benefit Auction Quick-Start Tool Kit which includes:
  • Kathy’s e-booklets: Record Breaking Fundraising Auctions: Volume 1 & 2;
  • Special Report: Triumph Over the Toughest Charity Auction Challenges;
  • 12 Big Questions You Should Ask BEFORE every Fundraising Auction Event;
  • Benefit Auction Rules and Terms & Conditions;
  • Benefit Auction Committee Job Descriptions;
  • Volunteer Job Descriptions for Auction Day;
  • Benefit Auction Master Planning Checklist; 
  • Absentee and Phone Bidding Instructions for Benefit Auctions;
  • Sample Silent Auction Form;
  • Sample Live Auction Form,
  • Sound and Lighting Requirements for Benefit Auctions;
  • Sample Benefit Auciton Income Forecast Spreadsheet;
  • How to Select and Auctioneer for a Benefit Auction Checklist.

AND I also understand I’m completely covered by your Iron-Clad Guarantee: if this I am not  not satisfied within the first month - FOR ANY REASON -  within 30 days of your order fullfilment - you will refund my investment in full. 

Order Now


If you’re ready to make your next auction your best auction ever—and generate the kind of donations you’ve only dreamed about—I’m here to help.

Let’s get to it!

Here’s to your auction success,

Kathy Kingston signature

Kathy Kingston, CAI, BAS
Your Fundraising Auction Strategist



P.S. Put an end to the auction creation struggle – know exactly what to do, what to ask for, who to ask, and who to invite so you generate generous donations every time. Reserve your spot now:

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